A Tender Touch

Christ always approached people
in a gentle, humble manner,
seeking only to refresh them
with a tender touch, a kind word.
He always personified the love
to which he called others.
He gave himself fully
to every one.
He saw every one as
a brother and sister,
a child of God.
He broke down the walls
that separate humans from each other.

If we are to be the
incarnate body of Christ
we too must love,
must give ourselves away,
must be with the poor.
Our individual welfare
cannot be separated
from the welfare
of those around us.

So much of what passes
for compassion these days
is little more than
condescending piety.
Such demeaning compassion often
comes dressed as pity,
which only shames rather than restores.

True compassion stems
from fellowship and interdependence.
We need to recognize
our common humanity
and realize God sets
a banquet before all of us.


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