Giving and Forgiving

The God whom Jesus reveals
is not a God consumed with power,
but a God interested in relationships
of caring fidelity,
a God who is in solidarity with
the most vulnerable and most needy.

Jesus gives and forgives.
When we walk with Jesus,
God’s generosity is guaranteed,
making greed and the frenetic pursuit of
acquiring more and more of everything
both inappropriate and unnecessary.

Jesus gives us new marching orders:
love one another.
And in the eyes of Jesus,
a brother and a sister
is everyone,
even those who
don’t look like us,
don’t act like us,
don’t believe like us…
and even those
who make us uncomfortable
or hate us.

Jesus calls us to an
alternative way of life,
a way which says no
to control, power and domination,
a way which says yes
to trusting in the abundance of God.
Our culture and our government
certainly do not embrace such a way of life.

A fundamental principal
of the gospel insists
that the weakest and least presentable people
are indispensable to the church.
Sadly, the church, just like the rest of society,
seems more enamored
with the wealthy and powerful.


1 Response to “Giving and Forgiving”

  1. 1 defh6 March 24, 2011 at 5:06 am

    today 24 March. 31 anniversary of Archbishop Oscar Romero. murdered in El Salvador. we could waist our energy ranting about the structures of the institutional church, which is depressing. we should align ourselves with people who have a view, belief in political solidarity with social justice. in becoming a radical voice in speaking out against financial political corruption by business people to elected politicans,
    Romero was murdered because his eyes were open to political injustice. the Vatican ignored him, we should like Dom Helder Camara speaks about Being A Sister and Brother.
    every Maundy Thursday before celebrating the Eucharist, we hold a beautiful cermony, there is always an enormous congregation to see the bishop or priest washing tweleve people;s feet. thus we call to mind what the Lord himself did
    however, I always feel a little uneasy when I see out twelve apostles offering themselves with their feet already well washed.
    the message out to be, dear brothers and sisters, we aren’t here today to mime the washing of feet already carefully washed. we’re here to tell you we’re ready to behave as flesh-and blood brothers should, ready to help one another and do for our brothers and sisters what is really necessary for them, what they truly need,
    otherwise religion is in danger of being a mere theatrical spectacle. religion has to be believed, not merely acted. the Lord set us an example that evening, as throughout his life. if we Christians had set an example of always being readier to serve than to be served, the world would already be a better place.
    Dom Helder Camara, from through the Gospel

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