Ordinary Moments

The spiritual life does not lift us above the human condition — its misery, problems, confrontations, pain and difficulties. Spiritual life plunges us deeply into our humanity. It would be nice to sit in church all day, hands clasped in prayer, drinking the ecstasy of the Lord. But that is unrealistic; we must enter into the marketplace, walk the alleys of commerce. We must help each other out of the ditches into which we fall. In the streets of life we encounter God. Everything human is divine.

Strive to live the present moment as it truly is: a gift from God.

Every living thing should cause us to praise the Creator of all living things. Every event of our lives is open to God; prayer reveals how. The whole world, including every aspect of humanity, is sacred and a gateway to God. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, God is there. Strive to feel God’s presence and warmth in the ordinary moments of the day. The commonplace is also a divine place.

The sacred is not here or there but everywhere. The challenge is to become aware of it. God is rarely where I think God should be. God is on a crowded tap-tap in Port-au-Prince. God is in the quiet whispers of the trees and in the noisy rattlings of a New York City subway train. Everything speaks of God. Thank God.

I’m reminded of a something I wrote in The Sun and Moon Over Assisi: St. Francis of Assisi found God not in pomp and glory, but in infirmity and foolishness. He found God in what we throw away. Francis found the God of endless light hiding in the shadows, on the margin of society.


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