Richard Sennett has summarized Simone Weil’s formulation of conscience this way: “We cannot contain within ourselves the necessary strength to live; we are each fragments in a pattern too ill distributed and short supplied for us alone to provision our lives. The recognition of personal frailty is the foundation of reaching out to others and needing to trust in their responses. Perhaps they will betray our trust, perhaps not; that is our existential uncertainty, which we must come to accept calmly.”

A fragment is a part of something that has broken away from the whole. It is detached, isolated, an incomplete part of something larger. In a literary sense, a fragment is part of a work that remains or was left unfinished. Each of us is a detached particle of a larger truth that will always remain unknown. We are all fragments, part of the fullness of God, thousands of little bits of colored tile in the vast mosaic that is the Divine face, each of us a tiny part of the infinite reality that is the face of God. As the great 15th century German mystic Nicholas of Cusa said, “Every face you encounter in life is a face of the Faceless One.” The face of God is so vast it is faceless from our limited perspective.

I like the metaphor of a road, that we are on a journey to our real home, a home in a faraway place that will cloak us in love and mercy, kindness and forgiveness, and allow us to heal our fragmentary selves and allow us to blend into the safety and unity a truly Holy Family, where God our Mother and Father watches over us, protects us, nourishes us and loves us into and through all eternity.

Each morning we are awakened to the presence of God. When our hearts and minds are awakened by God, each morning becomes a silent symphony, each day is orchestrated according to the ways of harmony and peace and each moment becomes a sacramental moment where heaven and earth has the potential to meet. Our journey to God begins afresh each morning. If we begin the day in prayer, in God, then the day will flow out from God and lead us home to God. Let us pray.

As each new day dawns,
God’s light gives us
a renewed pledge
of God’s love,
a fresh beginning
that is pure gift,
a gift meant to be given away
during the day.

In the silence between night and day,
we feel God’s grace and peace
and are commissioned to become instruments
of that very same grace and peace.
In the splendor of new light,
God’s love and mercy are revealed.

O God help us see the radiance of your light
and show us this day
how to be servants of your peace.


1 Response to “Fragments”

  1. 1 Joan Krebs February 21, 2011 at 6:10 am

    Gerry, I have a CSJ friend who uses the phrase, “This is a keeper” when she has relished something. So, as Marlene would say, this is a keeper. Simone Weil is a favorite. Thanks for the thoughts she sparked for today.

    On another front, today my dear friend Dorothy Lynch, will undergo surgery for removal of a cancerous upper right lobe of her lung (Noon our time). Please keep her in your prayer energy. Thank you again.

    Something that continually sparks my energies: a paraphrase from Tony Hillerman’s Navaho police/detective novels: “Walk in Beauty.”

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