Flowers and Bird Songs

“Christ does not provide his followers with a set of wings to flee into heaven, but with a weight to drag tem into the deepest corners of the earth.”


-Madeleine Delbrêl
We, the Ordinary People of the Street

An encounter with God, as the mystics have claimed, is not a gentle affair, filled with pretty flowers and chirping birds…and all the right words. An encounter with God is like being woken up by an earthquake…it shakes us to the very core of our being, crushes our false self. To confront the transcendental is to lose control and be filled with trepidation and awe. Nothing is no longer the same…everything changes after an earthquake. God topples the false temples of our lives and when the dust settles God gives us the grace to rebuild on a firmer foundation. Yes, there are flowers, but thorns also. A genuine encounter with God is ineffable, beyond concepts, images and words. Infinity and eternity take on clearer meaning, seem more real. Dualistic discourse becomes a thing of the past, replaced by mystical nonduality. All is One.

We really do not want an earthquake and a new reality. We want flowers and bird songs. And we want our own secure, stable way.


1 Response to “Flowers and Bird Songs”

  1. 1 defh6 February 18, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    I have just got your book, thoughts of a blind begger. very interesting.

    this Sunday 20 February. 15.00. pro Cathederal
    Cardinal Sean o Malley. apostolic visitor to Ireland. with archbishop Diarmuid Martin. of Dublin, Ireland. will preform a service of washing the feet of people who are survivors of child sex abuse.

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