The Canvas of My Soul

The Canvas of My Soul

Oh God, I have not yet

truly begun to paint

the canvas of my soul.

Help me find the vivid brush strokes of

love, tenderness, compassion,

wonder, poetry and purity

needed to create a portrait

inspired by You

to be given as a gift

to all who see it.


Help me replace

the dark, hidden tones

of my life

with the numinous hues

that reveal harmony and balance.

Have the borders

of my canvas

not be so small

as to exclude

the richness and diversity

of all humanity

and the endless paths

to the divine.


2 Responses to “The Canvas of My Soul”

  1. 1 Joan Krebs January 30, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    This particular snippet impressed me mightily. I have a dear, dear artist friend (Sr. Mary Southard, CSJ**)who repeatedly conducts a retreat titled, “Come and Paint”. She has always stressed that one doesn’t have to be an artist in order to participate, but I’ve never even been tempted to join — until now. I always stand in awe of you artists of the visual and audio who succeed to real-ize imaginings, dreams, percepts and concepts in rhyme, rhythym, film, color, media of all kinds. What your today’s offering did for me is to bring home that I can/must paint a canvas in my own way – primarily the canvas to which you refer, but that’s pretty much complete for the good or not-so-good. Perhaps when Mary’s retreat comes up again I’ll not hesitate. Instead of visual media I’ll let a pen channel the outpourings from within. I’ll paint the canvas of my soul “my way” (to quote F. Sinatra’s song). Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. 2 Joan Krebs January 30, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    Gerry, I forgot to acknowledge the asterisks at Mary Southard’s name. Here it is: Mary is a Sister of St. Joseph living in La Grange Pk, IL. She is an internationally acclaimed visual paint & sculpture artist whose inspiration comes mainly from the gospels, the CSJ charism of unity and evolution in the universe story. I haven’t heard exactly the following words from her lips but I’m pretty sure she’d agree with them. Mary attempts to portray the goals and ideals of hope, communion, solidarity, love for the planet as matrix of all life and portent of the future while all the while supporting the values of lament, grief and helplessness. A CSJ mantra is to work “for the dear neighbor” in whatever guise the neighbor appears. Mary epitomizes this with her artistry and retreat work. Yours, Joan Krebs

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