A Beggar of Love

In my book
Thoughts of a Blind Beggar,
I wrote that
we are all blind beggars
who need to hold
outstretched, empty hands
to God,
who will give us a new vision
and all that we need.

Well, I think the truth
is actually more fundamental,
more profound than that…
the truth is that God is
also a beggar.
God’s powerful love for each of us
is so great,
so far beyond measurement
that we,
in our blindness,
cannot begin to understand it.
Yet when it comes
to our loving God,
God is powerless.

Not only does God not push us,
God even tolerates
our indifference,
our apathy,
our detours,
our revolts,
our faults, failures and sins.
God’s love includes
the extravagant freedom
to accept it or reject it.
God desires our love.
Yet, God does not
interfere or manipulate,
or coerce us into loving.

God is a beggar of love,
patiently waiting
at the door of our soul.

With God,
our isolated existence dies
and we are born again
into a great union of love
where we freely enter into
a nurturing, life-giving relationship
with all of creation,
especially with the stranger,
the rejected,
the isolated,
the tormented
and the marginalized,
out of which arises
a new earth, a new heaven,
where prisons of poverty
such as Cité Soleil
no longer exist.

Go, be a candle of hope,
be a witness and manifestation
of God’s love
by ending hunger
and creating peace.

On the heels of Advent,
the New Year helps us look
to the future with hope.
But, we cannot hope
for a better future
and remain indifferent
to the suffering
that currently surrounds us,
otherwise Christian hope
is little more than
pious escapism.
We must act.
Human goodness
aided by divine help
can overcome
the dark forces
that are holding
so many people
in a lethal bondage of poverty.

In light of the miracle of Christmas,
we must become,
as my Irish friend Fr. Dan O’Leary,
who lives and works in England, writes:
“candles of hope,
shinning incarnate light
on a world and a Church
lost often in the dark.”

Because of the Incarnation,
everything is now graced.
Every breath we take
Every life matters…
because every life contains
divine potential.

God is aware of
every tear,
every heartache,
every physical and emotional wound.
God, a beggar of love,
is waiting to transform
our lives.


2 Responses to “A Beggar of Love”

  1. 1 Irish May 14, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend finuirgg this one out!

  2. 2 http://goanalyze.info/hellofood.com.ng May 31, 2017 at 11:15 am

    Oooh Ladies! If you like passion and sensual writing, get this book and schedule yourself some alone time. Sexy stuff, especially after the bath.

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