A Journey to Weakness

O God, help me follow
wherever You lead me.

I believe my spiritual life
is essentially a journey
in which I move from what I am
to what I will become.
I am just beginning
to learn that life is
a journey to weakness.
The saints truly learned to live
when they began to explore
their own weaknesses.
By Your unmerited grace,
every experience of weakness
is an opportunity of growth
and renewed life.
Weaknesses transformed by
the reality of Christ’s love
become life-giving virtues.

The emptiness I often feel stems
from not realizing
I am made for communion
with You.
If I am are not growing towards
unity with You,
my God,
I am then growing apart
from You.
Help me learn
to be still,
to be humble
in order to move into
a greater union with You.
Only in stillness and humility
can I enter into
a dialogue with You,
sweet Jesus.
I need to bring to You
what I am
so that in time
I might become become
more like what You are.

In following you, Lord Jesus,
I have seen with my own eyes
in so many places around the world
how life is filled to overflowing
with pain and struggle.
Your way leads to the Cross,
and it doesn’t offer
an easy way around it.
To become Your disciple
means accepting
a spirituality of the cross
and renouncing
a spirituality of glory.

You humbled yourself
in order to love me.
You gave of yourself
in order to love me.
Help me give myself
in order to love You
and all of creation.


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