Long Island Trip Update

Last week I gave a presentation at Adelphi University on Long Island. It is a secular school. It is rare for me to speak at a secular school and so I was a bit concerned about how my Christocentric message of love and compassion would be received. The event was coordinated by the campus minister, a wonderful young man who’s heart is on fire for God, and three young women students who have a leadership role of the Newman Club on campus. Before the two-hour evening presentation, I spent the day on the campus, having lunch and dinner with some students who wanted to know more about my work with the poor around the world. Each felt called to some form of ministry or service to the Church. I changed my normal “poverty and prayer” presentation to make room to show a 37 minute long preview of my Haiti film. For me, my ministry is more about giving these presentations at schools and churches than it is about the films. Today I received this gracious and kind note from the campus minister.


We are so grateful for the incredible presentation you gave us here at Adelphi University last week. Several students have contacted me and told me how moved they were by your stories and films. 20 students joined us in doing an outreach to the homeless in Manhattan this Sunday and many of them said that they were convicted to get involved after listening to you on Wednesday. Thank you for using your gifts and talents to create awareness and inspire compassion in the hearts of others! It truly was a gift to have you out here on Long Island!

Please keep us updated as you continue with your Haiti project!

His joy,

And it was a gift to me to be in the company of such wonderful young people who love God and understand the importance of compassion. Each of us is called to emulate as best we can the self-emptying love of Christ and to reach out to our suffering brothers and sisters who are imprisoned by chronic poverty.

Pax et Bonum Communications welcomes your prayer and financial support as we work to communicate Gospel values in a unique way.


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