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“In this fallen world the unity of human beings has been broken, everything is a ‘rat race,’ and I try to free myself from the anguish that torments me by projecting it on another, the scapegoat of my tragic finiteness. The other person is always my enemy and I need him to be so. In Christ, however, death has been defeated, my inner hell transformed in the Church, I no longer need to have enemies, no one is separated from anyone. The criterion of the depth of one’s spiritual growth is therefore love for one’s enemies, in accordance with the paradoxical commandment of the Gospel that takes its meaning solely from the Cross – Christ’s Cross and ours – and from the Resurrection – again Christ’s and our own…

The true miracle, the most difficult achievement, is therefore the example and practice of love in the spiritual sense of that word (and here the Gospel speaks of agape, the Latin caritas). To enter into God is to let oneself be caught up in the immense movement of the love of the Trinity which reveals the other person to us a ‘neighbor’ or (and this is better) which enables each one of us to become a neighbor of others. And to become a neighbor is to side with Christ, since he identifies himself with every human being who is suffering, or rejected, or imprisoned, or ignored.”
-Olivier Clement
The Roots of Christian Mysticism
[New City Press, 1995]


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