Mystical Eyes

Mystical Eyes

Each day brings
its share
of sweetness
and bitterness,
of joy
and misery,
of comfort
and pain,
of laughter
and tears,
of hopes
and disappointments.
Each day brings
rejection and acceptance,
loneliness and communion.
Each day brings moments
of fear and despair
and courage and delight.
Each day brings
a flood of words
and a desert of silence.
Each day we have moments of
transparency and deception,
moments of
faithfulness and infidelity,
moments of
strength and weakness,
moments of
purity and lust,
moments of
beauty and cruelty.

And each day
God is present
in all these things,
in all the ups and downs,
in the heartache and elation,
in the victories and the defeats.

But God’s presence is
hidden and silent.
It is only through faith
we can see and hear God,
even though our seeing and hearing
are gravely impaired
and far from perfect.
We really don’t know God,
yet we do know God.
In our not knowing
is the beginning of our knowing.

To see God
in all things
each day,
is the mysticism
of everyday life,
the ordinary mysticism
that sees the extraordinary
work of God
even in the mundane events
of everyday life.

And with everyday mystical eyes
we are able to see God
in both the cries of the poor
and the laughter of a child,
in both a tender kiss
and in a deadly disease.


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