Far and Near

Far and Near

Speaking on behalf of the Lord,
the prophet Isaiah said,
“Hear, you who are far off,
what I have done;
you who are near,
acknowledge my might.”

There is a loneliness
to the past and the future.
I am not there;
I am here in the present.
I am far from
who I was in the past
and far from
who I will be in the future.
I am only near myself
in this present moment.

God too is far and near.
Far in the sense
that God leaves us
to ourselves
in order for us
to discover our own hearts
and the heart of God.
Yet God is as near
as the next breath we take,
as near as our very heartbeat.

God is so near
we do not see Her.
God seems so far
because we do not know Him.
Because we do not see or know God
who is so far and so near
we have the anguish of loneliness
at the core of our being.
We know emptiness
not plentitude.
Sadness is always
around the corner;
joy occasionally comes
and quickly goes.
To discover God
in your heart
you must journey beyond
all self-consciousness
to an awareness
of a reality greater
than yourself.
It is a long journey
and a short journey.
And on the journey
we must drop
all notions of God
and all notions of self.
Only then can God
reveal God to you
and reveal you
to yourself.

In loneliness and longing,
we begin our journey to God.
Stripped of everything,
we have nothing,
we take nothing.
Yet our very loneliness
is graced with the possibility
to discover the transcendent.
Even the silence of God
is graced and speaks
of the mystery of God
and God’s forgiving nearness,
God’s hidden intimacy.
In stillness and silence
we learn about
a love that shares itself,
an overflowing love
that dissolves all alienation
and fills the empty space within us.

God is here in this moment,
waiting with open and outstretched arms,
waiting to embrace and caress you
with endless love.
Kiss this moment
for in it
is perfect joy and all good.


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