My Heart’s Desire

My Heart’s Desire

What is my heart’s desire?
It seems to desire so many things,
some good, some bad.
How do I know the difference
between a desire
that is good
and one that is bad?
Maybe I should not think in terms
of good and bad,
but in terms of
healthy and unhealthy.
If the desire is self-centered,
then it is unhealthy,
because it deflects me
from the self-emptying love
that is the one and only path
to God.

Sin is a failure to love;
sin is wanting my own way
instead of God’s way.
God’s way is paved
with humility.
God gives God away.

A good and health desire
is one that longs for God.
When I desire God
more than anything else,
all my other desires
will bow to that
one true, most noble desire:
a desire for God
and God alone.

A desire for God
is nurtured in
stillness and silence.


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