Made by Love

Made by Love

We do not know peace,
because we do not know love.
We do not know love,
because we do not know God.

God is love.
We were made by love
and for love.
But we have turned our backs on love,
and have become unloving.

The world has been disfigured
by our failure to love.
The world will only be transformed
when all people learn how
to love each other.

Our human love is limited,
unable to reach beyond our selves,
our family, our friends.
Our love is feeble,
unable to withstand the storms of life.
Our love is egocentric,
unable to put others first.

Love requires humility,
mercy, kindness, trust, patience,
perseverance and sacrifice.
Sadly, these noble traits are
underappreciated and in short supply
in our troubled world.

Only divine love
allows us to embrace all,
even our enemies.
Peace can only flow
from self-emptying love.

Peace creates unity
and works for the common good.
Faith in God should unite us,
lead us to a peace
rooted in mercy and compassion.
But our flawed faith
divides us,
pits one faith against another,
says my religion is
better than yours,
my religion in the only true religion.
And so we pray,
and kill…
and ignore the poor, the weak and the suffering.
And cause God to weep.

God is neither Christian,
nor Jewish,
nor Muslim,
nor Buddhist,
nor Hindu.
God is love.
Different religions are
different ways at trying to
understand God.
God is beyond all faiths,
beyond all understanding.

My love for my Christian faith
is enhanced by
my embracing
all religious faith.
Every faith needs
to root out hate
and cultivate

Where there is hatred,
there is the absence of God.
Where there is love,
there is God.


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