So much of life today
is deeply disturbing,
especially our attitudes toward
poverty and peace.
I can’t understand the irony of how
we seek peace by going to war.
Our impulse toward war uncovers
our erroneous belief
that some people are not important,
that some lives,
even the lives of some children
(the children of our enemies),
are expendable.
I can’t understand how we are undisturbed
by the reality that more than 20,000 children
die everyday from preventable diseases,
most stemming from hunger.
The economic downturn
that is dramatically damaging
the lives of the poor
reveals the utter lack of
moral and ethical constraints
on capitalism and consumerism;
and the unbridled greed of
commodity hucksters
is nothing short of idolatry.
As a society we have failed
to understand that our live
are both interior and relational,
that we are designed for
communion with God and each other.
Our lives have become impoverished
because we do not value simplicity,
do not realize what is truly essential,
and do not reach out to
the chronically poor and rejected.

I think St. Francis came to see clearly
that the fundamental principle of the Gospel
requires that the weakest and least presentable people
are indispensable to the Church,
that the followers of Christ
must be in communion with the poor
and must be willing to love our enemies.
Each of us is wounded in some way;
each of us is an enemy.
We need each other,
and we need God.


1 Response to “Indispensable”

  1. 1 zdenny July 9, 2009 at 3:01 am

    You are right on TARGET! Great post~~ Relationship is a key to life…Love the Lord your God will all your heart and your neighbor as yourself.

    I sure would like you to add me as a friend on FACEBOOK. When you post an update, just copy the link to FACEBOOK so that I can access it. You also get a lot more people viewing your post by doing this.

    My address on FACEBOOK is:

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